Our approach


As capitalism becomes the dominant force in most developed nations today, our world is made to be ever so convenient with technological innovation all around us.

However, that is not the only change that has taken place. The disparity between the riches and the poor too has widened. Resources, are now concentrated in the hands of the wealthy. The result is a society in which access to everyday necessities have become unequal and opportunities that should be equally accessible for all, such as education is poorly distributed.

At Crosspoint Advisors, we believe in giving back to our community through philanthropy.

Our Involvement

Organizations we support

In particular, we believe in the significance of providing educational support to children in challenging circumstances. We have also been a longtime advocate for supporting children’s development in the field of Arts.

Below are a few organizations we have had the pleasure of supporting:
・“Sakura No Mori” (Psychological Therapy Facility for children)
・Music Masters Course Japan (A music masters’ summer program for children)
・Scala Orchestra (Orchestra with a mission to develop the field of classical music)

We plan on furthering our support through allocating a portion of our profits towards the cause in the future. Educational attainment of the children and the young are undoubtedly important to the future of Japan.
We also think that growth and psychological stability sports and music fosters in the young generation are monumental.

“Sakura No Mori Gakuen”

Psychological therapy facility for children

This facility is founded under the mission of supporting the rights of at-risk children and providing support to rehabilitate and foster the character development of children who have been through trauma.
We support the development of children who reside in the Kochi prefecture facility.

Music Masters Course Japan

Masters course for children

We also encourage the talent development of promising young artists through this program led by leading figures in the industry: world-renowned conductor Naoto Otomo, and former Music Director at the New York Philharmonic, Alan Gilbert.

Music Masters Course Japan (

Scala Orchestra

Classical music orchestra

The Scala Orchestra holds various concerts throughout the year geared towards those with various levels of interest in classical music. They do so to capture and cultivate people’s interest in classical music.

Scala Orchestra (